Much more
than a real
estate agent

In PUCHADES RODRIGO Serveis Inmobiliaris we have been involved, for more than 25 years, in real estate management.

And we do it from Barcelona, with the base of a broad experience, but adapting always to the technological innovations, since they are vital to reach our main objectives: To maintain a fluid communication with our clients and to constantly improve the quality of the services that we give.

We enjoy working
for you

We are fortunate to be lovers of real estate management, with which we can affirm with forcefulness that we enjoy working...


An Integral Real Estate Service

Our services include real estate management in all its facets (Management of Communities, Rents, Purchase and Sale and Advice), focused on two major levels: Your Community and your Property.

We take care of
your Community

There are many real estate transactions that we can carry out in your Community: Economic, maintenance and supply, meetings, specific aspects for new communities, etc.

We take car of your Property

We advise you from all points of view regarding your property: Technical, legal, fiscal or financial. And if you want to put it up for sale or rent it, we will do all the necessary real estate management and we will prepare an effective plan to get the best possible conditions.