About your Community

Why a property manager?

If you are or have ever been president of your Community, you will be fully aware of the complexity involved in most of the real estate tasks. By being community administrators for more than 25 years, we have legal, economic and technical knowledge to carry them out in a professional and efficient way.

My Community is newly created. What to do due to the existence of problems that may arise, such as construction defects?

First, and in order to determine the exact extent of the defects, it is a key aspect to have good technical and legal advice. Secondly, a good communication with the promoter / construction company has to be established and try to solve the problems presented in an effective way. On the assumption that the negotiation talks is exhausted, this office may provide the necessary advice to defend the rights protected by the current laws.

In our Community we do not have Statutes or Rules of Internal Regime.

Even though it is not obligatory to have them, good statutes or internal rules, custom-made for the Community, can make easier the proper functioning of the property and avoid debates or sterile discussions between their owners.

What to do if a neighbour does not pay his fees?

The legal regime of the Horizontal Property establishes concrete and effective measures to facilitate the collection of the defaulters. For example, it contemplates the application of an extraordinarily brief judicial procedure and establishes that when the sentence is dictated, the appeal against the judgment is possible only if the amount owed has been previously paid or deposited.

About your Property

Why an API?

The correct management of everything related to the investigation of a suitable home, whether in rent or in purchase, is sufficiently important to leave it in hands of professionals. If you have bought or sold a property, you will be fully aware of the complexity involved in most real estate tasks. As Agents of the Real Estate Property, we can manage and take part in transactions of sale, rental, exchange or transfer of real estate.

How to get a good price on the sale of my property?

Now more than ever the choice of a good professional who knows the real estate market is vital to obtain, in the shortest possible time, the maximum return on our assets.

How can I find a competent supplier for a job in my property at a good price?

The volume of operations and the number of years that we work with real estate service providers allow us to negotiate the best possible conditions and ensure that the work that will be done will be fully satisfactory for your interests. We try that our values (Confidence, Proximity and Dedication) are reflected in the way of working of our collaborators.