We take care of your Community. We make it easy.

Managing a homeowner’s association is relatively complex. Therefore, as professionals in the field, we try to make things easier with our way of working.

For your

There are many tasks we can carry out in your community, whether newly created or not. Some of them are:
1Economic Area
· Preparation of the annual budget and distribution according to the coefficients of the Horizontal Division.
· Integral management of invoices paid directly into a bank or not.
· Accounting and distribution of all common expenses.
· Delivery of accounts annually, being able to establish other shorter periods.
· Control, monitoring and claim of unpaid.
2Maintenance and Supplies
· Request for budget and hiring maintenance companies and supplies.
· Procurement of supplies; electricity, water, telephones, elevators ...
· Advice on hiring these services.
· Monitoring correct provision by suppliers.
· Other necessary steps for the correct conservation and optimal maintenance of the building.
3Home owners’ meetings
· Preparation of announcement for general and extraordinary meetings.
· Attendance for our part in all of them.
· Writing, preparation and sending of the meeting minutes.
4Specifically for new communities
· Announcement and assistance to the General Meeting of Constitution of your new Community.
· Drafting of Community Statutes or Internal Regulations.
· Obtaining C.I.F Community and auditing minute books.
· Establishment, according to the Book of Building, frequency and cost of maintenance actions of the property.
5Advice at all levels
We offer you our advice in the technical, legal, fiscal and financial fields for the realization of a satisfactory real estate management of your Community.
You can count on us to get practical tips and answer your questions relating to your Community.

Some of our main clients are:

Homeowners associations and Supra-associations

We have clients in the area of Barcelonès, Baix Llobregat, El Vallès and Maresme.

Business Associations

We manage, for example, the Business Association of the "Les Guixeres" Industrial Estate in Badalona and we are part of the Association of Merchants “Encants Nous” in Barcelona.


We can carry out and / or advise you regarding any aspect related to the management of your Community.